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Copper Roof Ridge Roll 12-Inch Wide X 60-Feet Long

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Product Description



Copper raw material prices are climbing faster than you going up a tree getting away from a bear. NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER.



This product is a 60-foot-long, 12-inch wide roll of 3 oz per square foot solid copper.



It comes with a 1-pound box of 2.5-inch solid copper ring-shanked nails. You'll have plenty of nails and some left over.


When installed up at the ridge of a normal low-slope roof, you barely see it.

Look at this photo taken by Arlen Ottmar where he installed my copper:


It's thin and easy to work with and provides decades of protection for your asphalt roof.




NEW ROOFS: Blind nail and fold so 9 inches of copper is exposed just below the ridge caps. See photo at the top of this page.


EXISTING ROOFS: Just fold over ridge cap shingles or ridge-vent and nail. Nails placed 2-feet on center.


60 feet can be installed in 30 minutes with ease.


CALCULATING QUANTITY NEEDED: If the distance from the roof ridge peak to the gutter line is 25 feet or less, then all that's needed is 6 inches of exposed material per side of roof. When this product is folded equally over an normal sloped roof, each side of the roof gets the needed 6 inches of protection.

For EXTRA PROTECTION or longer roofs, you may need our 18-inch-wide product. COMING SOON!



  • 12 inches wide
  • 60 feet long
  • INCLUDES - 1-pound box of solid copper 2.5-inch-long ring-shanked nails - extra nails included
  • Can be removed and re-used if necessary
  • weathers to a gorgeous deep nut-brown in a year or two
  • slows natural oxidation of asphalt preventing granule loss and shingle curling


IMPORTANT NOTE: This copper MUST BE installed with solid copper or stainless-steel nails. FAILURE TO DO this voids the warranty. Using regular galvanized nails will create a galvanic reaction when the nails get wet and the galvanized nails WILL CORRODE in a short time. The copper strip will then blow off the roof in the next windstorm.


Ships to USA / Canada


PROOF the copper works - this is the building where Tim Carter got the inspiration that copper prevents the oxidation of asphalt. You can clearly see that small amount of copper on the cupola protected the large area of shingles.



More Photos taken by Arlen are just below. NOTE the black algae stains on his roof were there BEFORE he installed the copper strips. In a few months his roof will look BRAND NEW as the copper will STOP new algae growth and the old algae will wash off with each rain:




SAFETY WARNING: Working on roofs is inherently dangerous. You can fall and sustain serious injury or die. If you lack the skills and common sense to work safely on your roof, then hire a professional to install this product.


WARRANTY: Tim Carter Builder, Inc. and AsktheBuilder.com (Seller) warrant that this copper will be free from defects. The extent of this warranty is for the price of the product only. Since the seller can't control the amount of sunlight, rainfall quantity, quality of installation, etc., it's impossible to predict how well the product will work to slow the oxidation of your asphalt shingles.

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