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Crown Molding DVD

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Product Description

You will be cutting perfect, I mean perfect miter cuts, within one hour of watching this DVD of mine.

Please take this Quiz to see where you score on the DIY Crown Molding Installation Scale!

  1. Are there 20 or more scrap pieces of crown molding scattered around your miter saw? Yes No
  2. Is your spouse still talking to you? Are You Kidding Me? Does Growling Count?
  3. Are the joints between your miters big enough for a 747 Jet to taxi through? Yes No
  4. Are your cuts messed up no matter how you place the molding in your saw? YesNo
  5. Do you want to know how to cut perfect miters each time so your spouse or significant other will see you for who you really are? You know, the DIY Superhero with the flashy flannel costume under those tattered clothes? YesNo


If you answered Yes or Are You Kidding Me? in two or more of the questions above, you need my Crown Molding DVD.

Cutting Crown Molding DVD

This DVD was shot with High Definition television equipment by a professional film and video company. It is fast-paced and will show you step-by-step how I install crown molding in just about every situation you can imagine. Beware of other DVD products out there. Some are produced using a common homeowner video camera bought at a local electronics store. To make matters worse, some only cover one aspect of crown molding: inside and outside corners.

My action-packed DVD is totally interactive and covers the following topics:

  • Required Tools and Safety
  • Positioning and Cutting Crown Molding in a power miter saw
  • Inside Corners
  • Outside Corners
  • Ending Crown Molding on a Wall
  • Crown Molding On Top of Cabinets
  • Crown in 45 and 60 Degree Bay Windows
  • Crown Molding in Stairwells
  • Cathedral and Vaulted Ceilings
  • Fancy Crown Molding Corners and Installation Tips for Rounded Corners
  • SECRET Nailing Tips!
  • No Tedious Coping Required! Why? To create the cut line you follow with the coping saw, you have to cut the molding in the miter saw the way I show you in the DVD. Why waste time coping when you already have a perfect fit? No other publication I know of shows this trick to perfect fits in corners using just a miter saw!

Shipping and Handling Info: The DVD is shipped via the US Postal Service. We have been getting superb 3-day service to the West Coast and 2-day service to the East Coast. All orders for shipped the following business day!

Return Policy: This product has a money-back guarantee. Please read our Return Policy here.

If you want perfect crown molding cuts, then you will agree the price is well worth it. Heck, you may have already wasted three times that amount in the scrap trim lying around your saw. Or did you hide those pieces to stave off potential embarrassment?

Shipping Charges Notice:  For any DVD or Stain Solver order shipped outside the continental U.S., you could be charged additional fees, such as local taxes and brokerage fees. These may add considerably to your cost. These are not calculated in our shipping charges. Contact your local customs department, or UPS, to determine if there will be additional charges, before you place your order.

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