Stain Solver Oxygen Bleach (4.5 pounds)

Stain Solver


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6.00 LBS

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  • All natural ingredients: hydrogen, oxygen and pure soda ash
  • Non-toxic
  • Made in the USA
  • Maximum amount of active ingredient as allowed by law
  • Active ingredient raw material FDA food grade quality



The 4.5 Pound order of Stain Solver is perfect for cleaning tile grout and general purpose cleaning around your home. Keep 4.5 Pounds on hand for all of your basic home needs! You will thank yourself in a carpet or upholstery emergency and impress your family...your guests...even yourself with your sparkly clean home.

The 4.5 pounds is sold in a two-quart or half-gallon container (64 oz).

Stain Solver cleans virtually anything that is water washable!


Stain Solver will make things look like new. If you want to work hard while cleaning things, go buy from one of my competitors. Stain Solver should ONLY be used by people who want the highest-quality.

To learn all the things Stain Solver can do for you, simply CLICK HERE. Have questions about Stain Solver? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

All Natural, Non-Toxic Oxygen Bleach Cleaner

All natural, all purpose Stain Solver is a powerful, non-toxic oxygen bleach cleaner that creates millions of oxygen ion bubbles as soon as the powder is added to water. These non-toxic oxygen ions blast apart stain and odor molecules. My Stain Solver is made in the USA and contains the maximum amount of active ingredient as allowed by law. The raw materials that are used in the active ingredient are so pure they are registered by the FDA as food-grade quality! You can't get any purer than that.

How Does Stain Solver Work?

  • Stain Solver is mixed with warm water. Once dissolved, you simply soak articles or apply the Stain Solver and water with a sprayer, mop or brush.
  • The best part is that Stain Solver works on its own. Wood decks come clean in minutes. Many clothing stains disappear in several hours or after a simple overnight soaking!
  • Scrub most articles lightly after Stain Solver soaks and rinse with a hose or running water. No need for destructive high-pressure power washers!

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