Rewards Program

Ask the Builder Customer Loyalty Program

After you have placed your 4th and 8th orders, you will automatically receive 10% or 15%, respectfully, off the total of your next orders, excluding shipping charges and taxes. No codes to enter. That is all there is to receive the customer loyalty rewards from AsktheBuilder.

Program Terms

  1. You must have an account with the Ask the Builder Store. (Or we can’t keep track of your orders!) Click HERE to create an account.
  2. Only orders placed after March 1, 2010 and after you have set up an account will count towards the total number of orders placed. (Opening date for this Store.)
  3. Discounts will apply only to new orders placed AFTER June 1, 2010. (The starting date of this program.)
  4. This program may be changed, altered, suspended or discontinued at any time without notice. We will, however, attempt to notify customers prior to making major changes or cancellation of the loyalty rewards program.
  5. The 10% discount starts on your 5th order and the 15% discount on your 9th order.


Click HERE to create an account to enroll in the Ask the Builder Customer Loyalty Program.

Revised: September 7, 2010