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Cleaning and sealing a deck is easy, right? What could go wrong?


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Would you be upset to discover you ruined your wood deck with that pressure washer? Would you be shocked to see your deck turn white after it dries? Will your wife send you out to live in the doghouse because you killed all her plants around the deck? Will you be upset when the sealer fails in one year? I thought so.

Tim Carter, Founder of, describes in this eBook the time-tested methods to safely clean a deck, no matter what type, and he shares what he feels are the best sealers to use. With decades of deck-building and deck-maintenance experience, you know that you're getting the best advice.

Included in this eBook are several videos and high-resolution photos that should help you ensure your project is a success. It's important that you save both time and money.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this book are the over 75 real questions from homeowners like you that Tim answers in great detail. This book could very possibly contain the exact answer(s) you've been searching for.

sscleandeck200w.jpgThis eBook covers:

  • Chapter One - Deck Care Overview
  • Chapter Two - Ultra-Quick Start Guide - The Basic Steps
  • Chapter Three - Types of Deck Cleaners
  • Chapter Four - Types of Deck Sealers
  • Chapter Five - Types of Deck Lumber
  • Chapter Six - Deck Cleaning and Sealing Tools
  • Chapter Seven - Cleaning a Deck
  • Chapter Eight - Sealing a Deck
  • Chapter Nine - Miscellaneous Deck Factoids
  • Chapter Ten - Homeowner Questions and Answers
  • Resource Links

After reading this eBook, you'll agree that in the past you made mistakes. But those days are now over. You're guaranteed to discover all sorts of things about deck care you never knew before - things that will save you time and money for sure. And with deck sealers easily costing $30 or more per gallon, you can't afford to make a mistake. Buy this eBook now, you'll not regret it.

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