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Deicing Salts -Find the answers to using salt on your concrete drive and sidewalks!

Tens of thousands of people each year worry about throwing salt on concrete drives and sidewalks. They wonder if the concrete will crumble. The good news is that concrete can withstand years of exposure to salt. Well, that’s true IF the concrete was ordered, mixed, placed, finished and cured properly.

This DIY Project Guide will answer all those questions you ever wondered about regarding this common product.

  • Will it hurt your concrete?
  • Will it hurt your kids or pets?
  • Will it hurt your expensive landscaping?
  • Did you know deicing salt can seriously hurt you?
  • Do you know the right salt to use?
  • Can it hurt the inside of your home once tracked in?
  • What's the easiest way to apply it?
  • What's the best salt to use? You have many choices!
  • Many, many more questions and answers!

30+ Frequently Asked Questions, Helpful Tips, Two Videos, Resource Columns - 24 total pages of helpful information!

This document can be downloaded and saved on your computer. You can view or print any or all of the pages.

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