Mortar Recipe for Stucco & Stone Veneer

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Cement Stucco & Stone Mortar Recipe

This is a six-page PDF file that can save you thousands of dollars. The directions are easy to follow. You'll get professional results without spending thousands of dollars on a professional. A special link within the document allows you to set up one-on-one phone coaching from Tim Carter.

What's Included:

  • Secret Recipe handed down from master craftsman cement mason
  • How-To Video links sharing mixing and installation tips
  • Proper Consistency of the Stucco/Mortar
  • Secret Additive to Ensure Permanent Bond
  • Application Tips for both cement stucco concrete rehabilitation and stone-veneer application

I GUARANTEE that you'll discover something you did not know when you read this very short document.

This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF file (Adobe Reader). You'll have these valuable instructions and tips seconds from now.


 Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We are so confident that you will enjoy and benefit from this tip, that we guarantee your satisfaction with our no-hassle, no questions asked, return policy. You have nothing to lose.