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Tim Carter created a complete step-by-step video series teaching you how to install a new front door. This video series, which consists of 46 videos, shows how you can install a new standard-sized factory, pre-hung front door at your home in less than a day.

CLICK HERE to watch FIVE of the 46 videos in this series. That should convince you that there are lots of tips in this comprehensive video series.

"The videos dealing with the flashing at the bottom of the door were especially helpful. ....Thanks for doing the project. It was well worth the cost."

Dean Hardister

When you watch the videos, they'll take away all your fears. After watching the entire series, you'll have the confidence you need so you can tackle the job without the help of an expensive professional!

Here's the list of videos that are included as part of this project:

  • Measuring the Door - Secret Ninja Trick Known Only by a Few
  • Removing and Salvaging the Interior Trim
  • Discover the Top Three Mistakes You'll Avoid
  • Weatherproof Shelter Allowing Installation in Any Weather
  • Salvaging the Existing Door for a Needy Family
  • Flashing the Rough Sill - Get Pro Results in Minutes!
  • Shimming and Squaring Secrets for a Pre-Hung Door
  • Selecting the Correct Rust-proof Fasteners
  • Insulating Secrets
  • Adjusting the Knob and Lockset for Perfect Fit
  • Installing the Interior Trim Like a Pro
  • Exterior Trim Tips

This is a really comprehensive step-by-step video series. Tim does his best to not only show you how to do things, but to also talk about why it's important.

He'll be installing a pre-finished fiberglass door that's 3' 0" wide by 6' 8" high. It'll also have a 1-foot full glass sidelight on either side of the door.

Once you order the series, you will download a PDF file that provides access to the videos so you can watch them online.