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Tim Carter, award-winning builder, demonstrates in this series of 5 videos how to apply the roof sheathing on the shed. This video series demonstrates all the secret skills you'll need to apply the roof sheating on any building project. This video series was shot while Tim was building a shed, but the skills and magic can be used no matter what you're building.

The entire series demonstrating how to build a shed, from planning tips to applying the last coat of paint, contains more than 150 individual step-by-step instructional videos. You can purchase the entire set of videos at a significant discount here Shed Building Videos.

"I just want to tell you that you have made a fantastic [DIY Shed Building] Video Series. Very well put together, and in a very good logical sequence. There are very few lingering questions about any details. Just about anyone could follow this and with almost no experience and build a pretty respectable shed. I know I will be referring to this many times in the future. Great Job!"

Russell Morris, Robina, Queensland, Australia

"Looked at a few of the videos and the amount of detail included confirms it was a fantastic purchase.  Just the individual tips will save me many times over the purchase price.  Absolutely top notch."

Ron Thompson in NC

"I'm a Kickstarter backer of your DIY Shed Video Series. I've been watching the videos and I think they are great!!!! I discovered a lot of things that I was doing wrong, so I'm really happy about them. The wall framing tips are wonderful, especially leaving the OSB "unnailed" at last stud."

Alvaro Villaion

These videos are viewable instantly online. They're hosted on the powerful Amazon S3 cloud platform. You can watch each video as many times as you like. As soon as your payment is processed, you're given a link to download a simple PDF file that gives you access to the video(s).

Watch this sample video. Tim's teaching style and his simple, yet detailed instructions, will give you the confidence to build your own shed or other project immediately!




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