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Roofing Replacement / Repair Checklist

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"Morning Tim. Just wanted to share my opinion with you. I have downloaded the Contractor Hiring Guide & Checklist I purchased from you. I have to say you knocked the ball out of the park. Thank you for an excellent job, my gain." - Jim Richardson, NY

Product Description

Roofing Checklist

Either replacing a roof or just repairing it,
you have to have the right roofing contractor to keep you dry.

Get the questions to ask contractors.

"...My roof is going to cost $25,000 (we bought your checklist recently). $17 or $37 for the expertise to not get ripped off is almost too good to be true. I would easily pay $97 if I knew I could save $3,000 with the information you’ll give me." ... Jay Berkowitz, Boca Raton, FL

Who wants a roof to leak? You must ask the right questions and find a pro unless you want to scale a ladder during a rainstorm! This is a Must-Have Checklist.

My 53-page Checklist helps you discover the best contractor to do the job for you. It contains:

  • Specific Questions (with the answers for you) to ensure he does the job the right way
  • Secret Videos that show you exactly how to find the contractors to call
  • Past columns of mine that explain in detail key things you should know about the job
  • Much more!
"Thank you! I've received the checklists. I've not yet looked at all of them, but from what I've seen, they'll be enormously helpful!" ... Agnes Chris

The Checklist is available to you as an immediate download once your order is processed. After completion, you will be taken to a page with a download link for the Checklist file. In addition, you will receive a confirming email. In the Cart Items section of the email, there will be a download link. Just click on the link and the Checklist will be downloaded to your computer. The downloaded file can be read using the free Adobe Reader software.



We are so confident that you will enjoy and benefit from this Checklist that we guarantee your satisfaction, with our no-hassle, no questions asked return policy.


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