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Save money and time purchasing saws, wood chisels, doors, windows, etc. online.

I know it sounds crazy, but you can save a tremendous amount of money and time buying your next circular saw, socket set, precision wood chisels, doors and windows, etc. by using your computer instead of your car. As you read this fantastic 39-page eBook (what is an eBook?) you will:

  • Learn the Search Tricks of Online Experts
  • Learn How to Easily Compare Prices at Dozens of Stores in Just a Few Short Steps
  • Learn How to find Hidden Tool Treasures at eBay & Online Auctions
  • Learn How to Protect Yourself from Shady Internet Sellers
  • Learn How to Avoid Hidden Costs when Buying on the Internet
  • Learn How you can Cash In on Both Online and Offline Tool Deals

This 39-page eBook was written by Chuck Eglinton, one of the world's foremost experts in online auctions. Chuck's advice has saved me hundreds of dollars over the past few years as I have purchased all sorts of things over the Internet. I met Chuck face-to-face in 2003 at an exclusive Internet Entrepreneurs conference attended by people whose income is derived primarily from Internet ventures.

The tricks and secrets shared in this eBook will amaze you. You might be surprised how simple some of the steps are. Things that you might gloss over when looking or placing a bid could become costly mistakes. You may even buy from the wrong person! Chuck is an excellent guide through the wonderful jungle of Internet Buying and Selling!

Chuck has been around computers for years and knows all of the ins and outs of using eBay and other Internet buying and selling websites. Six months ago, he asked me if I thought my audience would benefit from his knowledge and I immediately said "Yes!"

Here are the main topics covered in this splendid eBook:

  • Chapter One - Get Honest Tool Recommendations
  • Chapter Two - Cash In on Both Online and Offline Deals
  • Chapter Three - Be Aware of Hidden Costs
  • Chapter Four - Protect Yourself from Shady Internet Sellers
  • Chapter Five - Copy the Skills of Online Search Experts
  • Chapter Six - Know Precisely What You're Looking For
  • Chapter Seven - Use Price Comparison Websites
  • Chapter Eight - Treasure Hunt at eBay & Online Auctions
  • Chapter Nine - Track Your Purchase From Their Door to Yours
  • Chapter Ten - Help Others by Posting Opinions & Feedback
  • Key Buying and Selling Internet Web Sites

Here are a couple of excerpts from Chuck's book that show you he knows what he is talking about. Did you know:

"...Check for limited-time online deals and tool liquidations...
Some retailers now use Internet web sites to liquidate large quantities of old inventory and overstocked items. As you might expect, some of these items are in short supply so you'll need to check regularly for the best deals and greatest selection. These are very often deals that you'll find online only and cannot find in retail stores. Use the links below to find some of these deals:...."

or did you know this nugget of information:

"....Be wary of auction listings that have no photos or use stock photos from a manufacturer's website. While stock photos do a nice job of showing what an item looks like, a stock picture is not an image of the specific item up for bid. If it is used, the stock picture will not show any scratches, dings, wear, or other potential problems with the item. If you see a stock photo you should ask seller questions about the condition that are not addressed in the item description...."

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