Sewer Gas Smell

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Sewer Gas Smell

This is a short 27-page step-by-step eBook that helps you locate your sewer gas smell. It was written by Tim Carter, a master plumber since 1981 and founder of

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You'll discover how you can STOP the odor yourself in almost all cases. You can save HUNDREDS of dollars avoiding hiring a plumber..


It only takes 15-30 minutes to read it.

"I solved my sewer gas problem in just minutes using your book. Worked like a charm! You saved me so much money!" - Mallory Haggart

"We purchased a small cottage last summer and were having a sewer gas problem. Your solution worked perfectly! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. My wife told me 'You better go tell him it worked!' " - A.J. Pickens

"The smell was HORRIBLE and I'd cry every other day because no one could figure it out! I purchased your book, read it in about 25 minutes and within the hour the RANK ODOR was gone! Thank you so much!" Denise Rogers

Table of Contents:


Chapter One - What is Sewer Gas?

Chapter Two - Most Common Sources of Sewer Gas

Chapter Three - How to Find Your Sewer Gas Leak

Chapter Four - How to STOP Sewer Gas Leaks