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Small Plumbing Remodel Jobs Riser Diagram

I will draw your riser diagram for any small job inside your existing home. CALL me with questions: 603-470-0508

My plans will get you a permit no matter what state you live in here in the USA.

Examples are:

  • new basement bathroom
  • relocate a bathroom in an existing home
  • add a fixture to an existing bathroom
  • add a new washing machine
  • relocate a washing machine

In other words, this product is for jobs that have four fixtures or LESS. Imagine a bathroom that would have a toilet, sink, shower, and separate tub.

I also provide phone coaching to help you install the pipes. Click here to purchase a 15-Minute Phone or Video call.

Are you in a RUSH? I offer 24-hour turnaround service and 48-hour turnaround should you need a permit fast.