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VIP Fast Answer Service


The VIP Fast Answer service is a product where I answer one question from you that you send to me via email. My answer is usually no more than three sentences.

It's NOT a phone call.


If you have a COMPLEX issue and MULTIPLE QUESTIONS, you should order my 15-Minute Consult Phone Call so you and I can have a discussion.



  • Rapid Response - No need to wait DAYS for a response
  • Peace of Mind - You get an Answer from a Pro
  • Saves You Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars
  • I Offer Advice on the BEST Product or Method to Use

I sometimes include links to products I love and give you links to columns that have videos or photos to help solve your problem.


After I Place the Order How Do I SUBMIT my Single Question?

You ask your question on the Ask Tim page at Be sure to type IMMEDIATELY in the box on that page that you just ordered a VIP Fast Answer.

CLICK or TAP HERE to go to the Ask Tim page.


How Fast Do You Answer?


I usually answer same day Monday through Friday. On weekends or holidays, your answer may be delayed for a day or two. It's important to realize I do sleep, go to church, sometimes go out to play with my amateur radio in the field, and take off on the weekends. I don't sit by my computer for 16 hours a day waiting for questions to come in.


How Many Questions do You Answer?

One. I only answer one question. If you have multiple questions, you should select my 15-Minute Phone Consult.


Do You Answer Follow-Up Questions?


No, I do not answer follow-up questions. The VIP Fast Answer is priced so I only invest about 5 minutes total in your problem. If you have follow-up questions, then purchase my 15-Minute Phone Consult.



IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is designed for a single question, not multiple questions. There are no follow-up answers, that's why it's so affordable.


If you have a complex situation or might have follow-up questions, you should purchase one of my 15-Minute Phone Consults.  Keep in mind my 15-Minute Phone Consult call is FREE if you determine after the call you got no value.