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Benefits of My 15-Minute TRANSCRIBED Consult Call:
  • I SOLVE your problem in 15 minutes or LESS removing your anxiety
  • The call is recorded and transcribed into a text file you can print out and read. I send you the MP3 file and the transcription soon after the end of the call.
  • I save you hundreds, or thousands, of dollars

FREE TRANSCRIPT SAMPLE: The transcription is done by artificial intelligence software. It's extremely accurate. CLICK HERE to download a sample of a transcript.

You get the recording and transcription within hours of the completed phone call. Since you have the recording as well as the transcription, you can make minor edits and corrections to the transcription should you so desire.

After placing your order, I (or my assistant Ellen) will contact you about scheduling the call. In almost all instances I can do the call WITHIN 24 hours or less. You can send any photos of your issue and a brief 50-word description of the issue via email to me: 

tim  at   askthebuilder  dot com

"The 15 minute consult we had regarding my chimney crown replacement was a small price and worth every penny considering that estimates for the crown and chimney work were between $3000 and $4000.  Your review of the estimates was insightful as you noted ambiguous statements and issues that would have left me exposed to additional "unknown" costs.  Finally, your assistance with specifications for how the crown should be built were also helpful." - Chris W., Cincinnati, OH

Lynn had a dreadful wet basement problem. She had quotes that exceeded $10,000 from contractors who were going to do the WRONG thing to solve the problem. I shared with her how she could get a DRY BASEMENT for less than $1,000.
"Hello, Tim --

It was wonderful to talk to you and I am so grateful for your expert advice. We both know you have saved me thousands of dollars.

You didn't overload me. I took notes on everything you said, and you explained things very well and logically. Now I can sleep at night and not worry about this.

I am so grateful to you. And I'll be consulting you for every house project we do.

Thank you so very much."

Lynn Cavalletto

CLICK HERE to listen to a typical call.


You have NOTHING to lose except the money you'll gamble if you move forward without my advice.
The Consult Phone Call is for the USA only. Outside the USA, calls will be done via ZOOM or similar voice over IP.
COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Tim Carter owns the copyright outright to the recording and transcription because it's his knowledge he's curating on the recording and transcription. When you purchase this product, you grant Tim Carter a perpetual non-exclusive license to include your voice, questions, and comments as part of any product Tim Carter may develop in the future using the contents of this call. Tim Carter agrees to remove your name from the product so you remain anonymous.