Expert 1-Hour Phone Call

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Expert 1-Hour Consult Call

For a limited time, save $150!

Tim Carter calls you on the phone or does a video call with you.


  • Tim SAVES you Thousands of Dollars
  • Tim RELIEVES Anxiety you May Have
  • Tim Prevents You From Wasting Tens of Thousands of Dollars with an Attorney
  • Tim Helps you Tackle a TOUGH Project Saving You HUGE $$$


"I can't believe it. The one-hour call with you saved me $15,000. You caught no less than five mistakes on my plans." Laura - Orlando, FL

"Tim, your call blew me away. I was about to sign a contract and you prevented me from losing at least $5,000.00. I had no idea the product the contractor was pushing was crap." Mark - Seattle, WA

"Holy Cow! That's the BEST $$$$ I've ever spent. I can sleep at night now and the best part is you saved me probably $20,000 on my new home project. I hope you keep offering this service." Leigh - Richmond, VA