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Draw Plumbing Isometric & Riser Plans 2-Bath House

 I'm Tim Carter, master plumber since 1981. I'd love to draw your riser diagram/isometric drawing. CALL ME 365/24/7 with questions about this service or to place an order: 603-470-0508



Your Riser/Isometric Drawing will include the following should they show on your Floor Plans. See FAQ below.

  • 2 full bathrooms
  • one half-bathroom 
  • one washing machine
  • one separate laundry sink
  • one kitchen sink
  • one floor drain

"It was a pleasure doing business with someone as passionate about their work as Tim is. He worked with us diligently on every step to make sure we were satisfied with the custom plumbing plans he provided to us. I would definitely recommend Tim Carter to anyone!
-Jonathan"  MAC General Inc. Sterling, VA

CALL ME M-F between 8-5 Eastern Time if you have any questions about this product - 603-470-0508


After placing your order below email a PDF copy of your floor plans, including the sewer/septic connection if you know it, to:

askthebuilder @ gmail dot com 

Master Plumber Tim Carter will draw your customized plumbing drain and vent isometric plan for your 2-Bath new home or remodeling job.

The purpose of the plans is to show the correct pipe size to each fixture as well as the correct vent-pipe size. This information is what the plumbing department wants to see so they know your job will meet code requirements.

The plans are not a true exact representation of how your pipes will be installed on the job site. This can only be determined once you see what's in the way at the construction site. The fixtures in a particular fixture group may not be in the exact order you might pipe them as each plumber might develop a different configuration that does meet code.

Once again, the purpose of the plans is to enable you to pull a permit and to show you exactly what sized pipe should be extended to each fixture as well as the correct vent pipe size for each fixture.




If you're going to install the plumbing yourself, seriously consider having Tim DRAW your Building Drain Layout. These are the horizontal pipes that are hidden under a slab or in a crawlspace. Tim designs the system as if he were the plumber on the job so that you have the LEAST likelihood of drain clogs in the future. If you're going to DIY your plumbing, you MUST HAVE this diagram!


NOTE: This is a non-refundable product because the plans are customized and drawn only for your job.




CLICK or TAP HERE to see a larger SAMPLE image.



The plans are drawn in COLOR for easy pipe-size identification. Important installation notes are also included!


NOTE: If your job has more than two baths, choose one of the following correct products:



3-Bath Plumbing Plans


4-Bath Plumbing Plans




These plans allow you to pull a plumbing permit yourself in almost every city and town in the USA.



NOTE: This is a non-refundable product because the plans are customized and drawn only for your job.



What Do the Plans Show?


The plan is an isometric drawing required by just about all plumbing inspectors and plan examiners. The plan includes:


  • drain and vent piping layout for each fixture
  • pipe sizes
  • drain lines
  • vent lines


 You also get a simple overhead plan view of your building drain showing how it leads to each fixture or fixture group.


What Does the Isometric Drawing Look Like? 


Look at the small sample at the top of this shopping cart page. Your plan will no doubt have many more fixtures and lines!


How Long Does It Take To Draw the Plans?


Once Tim receives your house plans, he can have the drawing back to you in no more than five days. As soon as you place your order, email the PDF copy of your house plans to Tim. He also needs to know where the city sewer or septic tank is if not shown on the plans. Email this information to: tim at ask the builder dot com



If you need the plans FAST, Tim offers an expedited service where he can draw them in 48 hours or less. Often they're drawn the same day. CLICK or TAP HERE for the expedited service.


How Big are the Plans and How are They Delivered?


The plans are drawn on 11x17 paper by hand. They are scanned and sent to you via email as a PDF file. You can incorporate this PDF file with AutoCAD. Search for this on YouTube.com to see how it's done.


Do the Plans Include a Material List?


No. It's impossible to create a material list without visiting the job site. You have to look at the framing to see what is in the way.


How Many Fixtures/Bathrooms are Included in the Price?

The $295.00 cost assumes your plans will have any/all of these fixtures. I will only draw what fixtures show on your floor plans:


  • 2 full bathrooms
  • one half-bathroom
  • one washing machine
  • one separate laundry sink
  • one kitchen sink
  • one floor drain


What Else is Included with the Drawing?


You get a FREE COPY of Tim's Best Plumbing Practices. This is a $14.95 value.


Can I Talk to Tim If I have Questions?


Yes, you can arrange for a 15-Minute Phone Call if you have questions about your plumbing project. CLICK or TAP HERE to purchase the 15-Minute phone call.



 Do You Draw Plans for Light Commercial or Multi-Family Dwellings?

YES, I can draw small light-commercial plumbing plans. Contact me for pricing:

tim at askthebuilder dot com



Watch this video to see how complex plumbing vent pipes are for a simple 2-bath house!