How to Make a Plumbing Loop Vent

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What's it cost per hour now for a plumber to come to your house? $75, $85 or more per hour, plus travel time. OUCH! You can see right now this loop vent and island loop vent guide is going to save your huge money.

Loop vents are needed in kitchen islands and other situations where a normal vent pipe can't extend from the fixture up a wall. Award-winning builder and master plumber Tim Carter will show you how to save hundreds of dollars on plumbing fees when you digest this short 11-page document.

This document contains drawings, a loop-vent video and a photo of a real sink that needs a loop vent. You'll be installing your drain and vent piping minutes after reading this document and watching the informational video.

This in an INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF file (Adobe Reader). You'll have it seconds from now.



Satisfaction Guaranteed. We are so confident that you will enjoy and benefit from this plumbing tip, that we guarantee your satisfaction with our no-hassle, no-questions asked, return policy. You have nothing to lose.