One-Day Long-Distance Consult

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This product is for locations that are outside a 150-mile radius of Meredith, NH. If you live within that radius, CLICK or TAP HERE for the Local One-Day Consult product.

I come to your house or business for a full day - yes, I come to see you no matter where you live.*

Do you want me to:

  • Look at Construction DEFECTS that are part of a lawsuit - WATCH video below
  • INSPECT/COMMENT New Houses Under Construction
  • Look over Plans Before Ground is Broken
  • Consult About Selecting the Right Lot
  • Discuss Major Remodeling Projects
  • Scope Out Major Renovation Projects
  • Brainstorm New Products
  • Share Secrets to Home Improvement Manufacturers about Internet Marketing or eCommerce

If I'm doing an inspection, I take photographs and shoot video footage.

I burn DVDs for you before I leave.

The fee covers all of my airfare, ground transportation, lodging, food, etc.

*This $7,995.00 consulting fee is for any location in the lower 48 states in the USA.

For locations in Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean, the fee is $9,995.00 because of longer travel times.

Prices for trips to other parts of the world are quoted separately because of extended travel times, costly travel expenses and other conditions.