Wet Basement Crawlspace or Soggy Yard Consult

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Wet Basement Crawlspace or Soggy Yard Consult

"Thanks Tim! The call was extremely helpful. I appreciate your knowledge and wisdom. You came up with a solution that I completely overlooked." Robin Bigio - San Francisco, CA

"Your plan STOPPED the water from getting into my basement. It's the BEST MONEY we've ever spent on a project." Sam and Patti Thompson - Greensboro, SC

"Unbelievable! I never thought I could stop the water from entering my crawlspace. But you did it and it was so easy to install the simple drain you suggested. You can bet I'll hire you to solve ALL of my problems." Sandi Corson, Madison, WI

Tim Carter is an expert at solving wet basement, wet crawlspace, or soggy yard problems. His college degree was in geology with a focus on hydrogeology - the study of groundwater.

You get:

  • a 30-minute RECORDED phone or video call with Tim - no need to take notes
  • a drawing made by Tim showing where your linear french drain (LFD) should be placed around your home
  • full access to a 90-minute streaming video tutorial showing you How to Install the LFD

All you have to do is place your order and Tim will contact you. Tim needs to see photos or a video of your yard to understand what the challenges are.

As soon as you follow Tim's advice, your basement, crawlspace, or yard will be DRY. Read the testimonial below the video.


Dear Tim,

I would like to take a moment to thank you for your advice on how to handle the significant water problem I had in the basement of my 1820's house (now serving as a B&B Inn). The chronic water influx that resulted from the new residential construction uphill from my place literally jeopardized both the safety and value of the Inn and its function.

Moisture damage and mold were making it an unhealthy to place to live - not to mention operate as a B&B. Your instructions as to how to install the linear french drain around the periphery, the depth and the appropriate slope requirements turned out to be the "Magic Bullet" which totally solved the problem.

The outflow from that trench drain actually became a small stream through all of the severely wet spring weather we have had this year. Being cautious, I had also installed a sump pump inside as a backup. That pump never even came on!

A really terrific aspect of the trench system is that it operates completely on its own without any energy input. Thanks to gravity and Ask the Builder, I have actually been able to paint the floor and now have additional workspace that was completely uninhabitable before the drain was installed. Your assistance was greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Fred Hoffmeister

Maria Atwood Inn B&B