Recipe for 4500 PSI Concrete

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You want strong concrete, right? You can't take a chance on having to rip out what you pour. That's why you need to buy this now.

Concrete you order from a ready mix plant that's supposed to withstand freezing weather is often specified at 4,000 PSI. But that's a minimum standard. If you want to go one better, you should try 4,500 PSI.

This is a SHORT four-page PDF file that can save you thousands of dollars. In this document, I share with you years worth of experience that allows you to understand how important water is when mixing concrete. Well, not only water, but Portland cement too.

This document answers this simple question: "Tim, how much sand, gravel, Portland cement and water do I mix to get a 4,500 PSI mix of concrete?

I GUARANTEE that you'll discover something you did not know when you read this very short document.

If not, let me know and I'll congratulate you on your deep knowledge of the topic!

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