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  • Discover How to Make Your Asphalt Shingles LAST for 40-50 Years!
  • Discover How Shingle Manufacturers are Pre-Aging Your Shingles so they FAIL Faster!
  • Discover How Manufacturers Make Up Own Rules to Test Your Shingles!
Tim Carter's newer asphalt shingle roof failed long before it should. Is your shingle roof in bad shape too? Will you have to spend thousands of dollars soon to put on a new shingle roof? Carter, founder of, decided to ask his 51,000-plus newsletter subscribers if they had problems too.
He was flooded with stories from people just like you from all across the USA. Tim decided to find out why shingles were failing long before they should. The top shingle manufacturers, and the association that represents them, failed to produce the answers Tim needed. He decided to investigate and what he discovered will shock and anger you.
The good news is that while writing this book, Tim discovered a simple way to extend the life of your roof shingles by decades.
If you answer YES to any of the following questions, you NEED to read Roofing Ripoff now:
  • Is your asphalt shingle roof ten or more years old and still in good shape?
  • Is your asphalt shingle roof ten or less years old and in very good shape?
  • Is your asphalt shingle roof new in the last three years?
  • Are you getting ready to install a new asphalt shingle roof?
Open the pages of Roofing Ripoff now and allow Tim to take you on a journey uncovering the deep secrets of why your shingles, and money, are headed to the landfill.
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Book Chapters:

Chapter 1 - Our Shared Pain


Chapter 2 - My Base Knowledge


Chapter 3 - My Failed Roof


Chapter 4 - No Comment


Chapter 5 - Asphalt Products That Last


Chapter 6 - Casting A Wide Net


Chapter 7 - History Of Asphalt Shingles


Chapter 8 - Making Shingles and $ $ $


Chapter 9 - Old Shingles vs. New


Chapter 10 - Warranty Expectations


Chapter 11 - The Cavalry Is Coming


Chapter 12 - Hiring A Pro Roofer


Chapter 13 - Journey’s End


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Who is Tim Carter?
Tim Carter writes the nationally syndicated newspaper column Ask the Builder that appears in over 60 papers in the USA. He's an award-winning remodeler and builder and founder of and is one of a small number of home improvement media people that has decades of hands-on experience working in, and on top of, houses of paying customers just like you.