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What Does Stain Solver Oxygen Bleach Clean?  

Stain Solver is a powerful, oxygen bleach cleaner that creates millions of oxygen ion bubbles as soon as the powder is added to water. These non-toxic oxygen ions blast apart stain and odor molecules.

Food Stains:  
  • Blueberry stains
  • Beet juice stains
  • Chocolate stains
  • Coffee stains
  • Grape Juice stains
  • Plastic Storage Container stains
  • Ice Tea Makers
  • Red Wine stains
  • Port Wine stains
  • Tomato Sauce stains
Everyday Life Stains:  
  • Algae stains
  • Blood stains
  • Grass stains
  • Mildew
  • Mud stains
  • Pet stains and Odors
Stain Solver Cleans:  
  • Boat Sails
  • Camping Gear
  • Carpet
  • Ceramic Tile Grout
  • Clothing
  • Convertible Tops
  • Coolers
  • Countertops
  • Garbage Cans
  • Lawn Furniture
  • Roofs - Algae Stained
  • Septic System Enhancer
  • Teakwood Decks
  • Tents
  • Wood Decks - any wood including redwood.
    • (Use 1/2 strength for redwood less than 1 year old)

How Does Stain Solver Work?


How much do I need?

General Purpose Cleaning: Keep 5 lbs. on hand for all of your basic home needs!  You will thank yourself in a carpet or upholstery emergency and impress your family...your guests...even yourself with your sparkly clean home.

Deck Cleaning: 2 lbs. of Stain Solver will clean 300 to 500 +/- square feet of deck surface. Dirty horizontal deck surfaces sometimes need a second quick cleaning. Don't forget railings! Each lineal foot of average railing has 4 square feet of surface area.

We find that the average deck - 15x15 - requires a minimum of 4 lbs. of Stain Solver. This does not include the railings. If you have railings on 3 sides, you would need another 2 lbs. of Stain Solver. Order 9 lbs. for the average deck.

It is best to order an extra container in case of spills or extra dirty conditions. The product has an indefinite shelf life. It will not go bad if the lid is kept tightly sealed.

Stain Solver should not be used on freshly sealed decks. Use Dawn dish soap for general cleaning. Use Stain Solver after the deck sealer fails.

Patio, Rooftop, Cedar Siding: 8 lbs. will be the right amount of Stain Solver to get your cleaning underway.

Laundry Use: 2 lbs. is enough to salvage and restore 20 or more T-shirts.

To discover all the things Stain Solver can do for you, simply go to

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Shipping Notice: Stain Solver can only be shipped by ground. Free Shipping is available only to the contiguous United States. Shipments  to Hawaii or Alaska or Canada are shipped via UPS Ground (Yes, UPS says they ship ground to Hawaii). UPS Ground Charges apply to Canada, Hawaii and Alaska. Free shipping is not available to these three destinations.

For any Stain Solver order shipped to Canada, you could be charged additional fees, such as local taxes and brokerage fees. These may add considerably to your cost. These are not calculated in our shipping charges. Contact your local customs department, or UPS, to determine if there will be additional charges, before you place your order.


I received my bucket of Stain Solver and have to tell you that the stuff is scary - in a good way! I couldn't believe what it did for the no-longer-white grout on my office floor ... and I swear it continued to work even after I rinsed it off. It not only cleaned the grout, but took a layer of dirt off the tile that I didn't realize was there. Now I have to do the whole room since there is a big, super-clean square in the middle!!

I also put it to work on some very old pet stains on the beige carpet in the master bedroom ... some of them will require more treatment, and you can see that the carpet is slightly lighter where I treated, but it took out spots that we have been unsuccessful at removing with Resolve, Woolite, and a number of other "stain removers". Now I'm looking forward to trying it on clothing stains............

Thanks ... I will tell everybody I know about this great stuff!"

- Lori B., Gonzales, TX

"Oh my gosh - I am amazed.  I have tried cleaning my tile floors and grout with a electric scrubber and steam mop and nothing has worked like this Stain Solver.  I AM VERY IMPRESSED and I have told all of my friends. Non toxic - no smell or no irritation on your skin." - Meloni M., St. Petersburg, FL

"Hi  Tim... Welcome to NH and New England. You are in time for the magnificent autumn colors.  I am in  a PICKLE here. I have cleaned my cedar clapboard home and pressure-treated deck with your [Stain Solver] oxygen bleach product. My home looks amazing.  Even my contractor is impressed!  I never thought it would look like this again.  The color has come up - from dark brown, grey and black to that reddish rich cedar color." - Liliana P., Woodstock, VT

"I love Stain Solver!  Hate my white tile floors and white grout.  Stain Solver is so easy to use it saved my life.  I am 70.  Thanks for selling this product! Easy to use and minimum of scrubbing." - Annette D., Tarpon Springs, FL

"I cannot believe how wonderful my tile floors look after using Stain Solver. I actually have only cleaned one part because I wanted to see the before and after. It is amazing. I was VERY skeptical that your product could be as good as advertised. My dad told me I was wasting my money (I just emailed him several pictures to show him the difference!). Your product arrived only 3½ days after ordering. I am so impressed. Thanks for an outstanding product." - Sue W., Wesley Chapel, FL

"The customer service is incredible! I emailed a question Thursday evening and Tim responded at 6:30am on Friday. He responded promptly to a follow-on question I had as well. That is almost unheard of in this day and age and greatly appreciated. Please post for others to see. Kind regards,"  Judy Groves

"Not a question, but a big thank you for your Stain Solver product. I have tried many products to clean the grout and tiles, but have never seen a product work as well as yours. The grout and tiles look brand new. My neighbors and friends were so impressed they ordered your product too.  Once again, my sincere thanks." - Ruth C., Ft. Myers, FL

"I am also in awe of this [Stain Solver] product...Yup, it's great, and our ENTIRE home (2400 sq ft.) is tiled, and it's amazing how quickly the grout gets dirty, so your invention is wonderful.  I'm so happy that I read the Ft. Myers News-Press on April 3, 2009, and have recommended the product to my sister-in-law.  Many of us who live on the water here in SW Florida have tiled floors, so your product is great. My husband remarked how clean the floors looked, and you can imagine how he'll react, once I get the grout looking like new.  Perhaps some flowers? Enough accolades!" - Lynn S., Beautiful Alva, Florida on the Caloosahatchee River


Once again thank you for taking the time to address my concerns.

I followed your [Stain Solver] instruction on a small portion of the floor and left the solution sit for about an hour now - I can actually SEE it working. I'm running to the store in a few minutes and expect when I get back that the grout will be totally clean - the way it's worked so far I don't have much doubt that will happen. "Oh ye of little faith"!!

What a JOY it is dealing with a "vendor" who cares about his customers. I've had nothing but nightmares recently with Sears - therefore your response is even MORE meaningful!"- Barbara, Miami, FL

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