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From the homeowner to the practicing engineer, the most important structural concepts are explained in simple, straightforward language.

Learn how beams, shear walls, retaining walls and other structural elements really work. Written for anyone in the building industry regardless of background or experience.


Regardless of your background or training, this 126-page eBook (what is an eBook?) was written for you. Learn if it is safe to notch and drill beams - where to do it and where it is not safe. Learn how wind and earthquake forces affect your structure. Learn all about engineered wood, concrete, and steel. Find out the reason most retaining walls are faulty. And much more. Plenty of diagrams, tables, photos, and sketches are included.

Bonus - Not Found in Other Editions Online!! - The version of this great eBook comes with a Glossary of terms that helps you visualize the sometimes cryptic terms used in the construction industry. Many color photos can be found in the Glossary, with more being added all the time.

Below are the chapter headings for this eBook showing the variety of subjects covered.

  • Chapter 1 - Loads, Factor or Safety, and Engineering Law
  • Chapter 2 - Beams and Other Bending Members
  • Chapter 3 - Compression Members and Tension Members
  • Chapter 4 - Wood as a Structural Material
  • Chapter 5 - Steel as a Structural Material
  • Chapter 6 - Concrete as a Structural Material
  • Chapter 7 - Wind and Seismic (Lateral Load) Design
  • Chapter 8 - Foundations and Retaining Walls
  • Chapter 9 - Glossary

About the Author:

T.K. Garrison, The Builder's Engineer

Tim Garrison, P.E., president of ConstructionCalc, Inc is the nationally-acclaimed author and columnist, The Builder's Engineer (tm). Tim Garrison's columns have appeared in the Journal of Light Construction, BUILDERnews magazine, Land Development magazine, the National Association of Home Builders premier on-line publication, NBN Online, as well as builder's association newsletters from coast to coast.

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