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Discover the invaluable tips that determine the success of your Building Simple Stairs project ... Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Plus Save Time, Materials and Costs.

You too can build stairs once you have learned just a few of my secrets - step by step – from the risers and treads to the stringers and mortises with this eBook.

This 25-page eBook (what is an eBook?) has 28-detailed photos to help you discover the secrets for building open-riser, wooden stairs.  These stairs are great exterior stairs – or deck stairs.  The Building Simple Stairs eBook is broken down step by step as follows:
Carpenter's Square

  • Chapter 1 - Stair Basics – Risers and Treads
  • Chapter 2 - Stringer Layout – How to Use a Framing Square
  • Chapter 3 - How to Build Your First Riser and Bottom Seat Cut
  • Chapter 4 - Master the Layout of all Treads and Risers
  • Chapter 5 - Discover How to Cut the Top Vertical Stringer
  • Chapter 6 - Discover How to Cut Your Second Stringer and Determine the Tread Width
  • Chapter 7 - The Final Steps – Cutting the Mortises and Assembly

Click on Chapter 3 above to download a free sample of that Chapter.

Do you know the ideal and safest height for risers and the best depth for treads? Did you know that notching the stringers for treads is the worst thing you can do? Creating mortises or slots for the treads in the actual stringers makes for the strongest possible stairs. My Building Simple Stairs eBook reveals all of these secrets in one place for the first time. This eBook shows you how to build simple open-riser stairs. Look at the photo above to see the exact type of stairs I am talking about. Many of the photos in this eBook have crisp line graphic overlays that are one-of-a-kind.

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