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Are you going to build a new home? If so, you really need all of these things to ensure problems are avoided and hassles are kept to a minimum.

These Checklists help you discover the best contractor to do the job for you. Each Checklist contains:

  • Specific Questions (with the answers for you) to ensure he does the job the right way
  • Secret Videos that show you exactly how to find the contractors to call
  • Past columns of mine that explain in detail key things you should know about the job
  • Much more!

In fact, if you follow all of the advice that is contained in the products below, you can actually have your home built perfectly and with you never having to talk with the builder during construction. You don't believe me? Well, it is true.

In this discounted package deal, you get:

Click the above links for full descriptions. This is a rocking deal that will save you some sweet moola. The bundled price is a whopping 25% discount off the regular price if you purchased these items separately.

The five electronic documents are available to you as downloads, once your order is completed. After completion, you will be taken to a page with a download link for the Checklist file. In addition, you will receive a confirming email. In the Cart Items section of the email, there will be a download link. Just click on the link and the Checklist will be downloaded to your computer. The downloaded file can be read using the free Adobe Reader software. This file will contain the links to retrieve the Checklist, spreadsheet, checklist, sample blueprints and new home specifications.

These sample plans were created by an AIA architect who drew the best plans I ever worked on when I was building. It was a joy to work from his plans, because they had so much detail. As the builder on the job, I rarely had to make a phone call. I KNEW what to do as the information was on the plans. You need to make sure your plans are similar to these with respect to how much information is presented. It's mission critical, and it avoids arguments between you and the builder.

The plans are REDUCED in size so it's nearly impossible to read the notes on the plan. But that's NOT important. You need to see these plans - all 21 - so you can grasp all of the tables, schedules, floor plans, site plans, exterior and interior elevations, countless close-up details, etc that SHOULD BE ON YOUR PLANS.

The wording on these plans is only valuable if you were to build the EXACT house. You just need to see the tremendous amount of content, words, notes, etc. that should be on a set of excellent blueprints.

You'll NEVER regret purchasing these Sample Plans! These plans will save you thousands of dollars in change orders, and mistakes by your builder.



We are so confident that you will enjoy and benefit from this Checklist that we guarantee your satisfaction, with our no-hassle, no questions asked return policy.