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The Liner is Down. Time for the Cement Mud Floor. A Mistake Now and the Shower Will Suffer!

After the shower pan liner is installed, it is time for the shower pan cement mud floor installation.

Page 9 of  Shower Pan Cement Mud Floor eBookPerhaps you were able to get the shower pan liner installed on your own. But now it is time for the cement mud. Make a mistake here and your ceramic tile job will surely suffer! This 17-page eBook (what is an eBook?) contains many instructional color photos and clear step-by-step instructions to help you with this critical project.

  • Mud Floor Materials and Tools
  • Mixing Ratios and Proper Mud Consistency
  • Critical Gravel at Shower Drain
  • Tile Size and Slope Considerations
  • Unusual Finishing Tools to Achieve Proper Slope
  • Touch Up Tips

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